About our INKLESS Serum

This ground-breaking serum is a professional use product to be used when treating scars and stretch marks.  The serum is packed with scar healing ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, co-enzymes and more.

The serum has been developed by a leading research and pharmaceutical company in Spain, working very closely with the local University.  The ingredients have been clinically proven to help heal the skin from within, leading to an improvement in scar and stretch marks texture and appearance.

If you offer mesotherapy treatments in your clinic, not only is this the best serum for stretch marks and scars, but it can also be used for microneedling the face, for anti-aging benefits.

This product is for intra-dermal use, not subcutaneous injection.

ink illusions stretch mark revision serum

How to use

step 1 inkless needling serum for stretch marks
step 2 inkless needling serum for stretch marks
step 3 inkless needling serum for stretch marks
step 4 inkless needling serum for stretch marks

Treatment should be performed by a specialist trained specifically in the professional treatments it is designed for.  A minimum of 6-8 weeks should be left between each treatment.

Combination Treatment – ink & inkless

For those of you who are performing stretch mark and scar camouflage treatments with and without ink, you will know that even when implanting colour, the needles themselves can stimulate collagen, through controlled trauma.  The only difference is that the body doesn’t like tattoo ink, so you don’t get the same sort of skin healing as you do with MCA inkless needling with the INKLESS stretch mark and scar repair serum.  The ingredients of tattoo ink is obviously very different to our stretch mark &scar repair serum.

Well we have good news!  

Our serum is water-based, the same as tattoo ink, so in fact you can use the INKLESS serum as your dilution!  This way the skin can also absorb and use the ingredients from the serum to heal, at the same time as implanting colour.  We call this the Combination Treatment.  Theoretically at least, the body doesn’t like ink and tries to remove it, but it is presented with “good” ingredients from the INKLESS serum, then ink retention should be higher.  Higher ink retention, plus healing = winning!  We certainly have had amazing results in our clinics.

tattooing stretch marks close up

Mixing our serum

Our serum is water-based.  However, for those of you who like to use oils, you can still mix our INKLESS serum in a tattoo cup with your favourite oil-based serum to sue during treatment (or other water-based serums too of course!).  Of course oil and water will separate, but you can continue to mix it whilst performing the treatment.  Please note there is no clinical evidence to show any oil-based serums yield any better results compared to just using our own INKLESS serum.

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