This is the serum everyone is talking about!


Developed by Ink Illusions with their proven record of scar and stretch mark improvement.  Ink Illusions has developed a unique professional use serum containing tonnes of medical grade skin healing ingredients, to help improve the texture and colour of stretch marks and scars.

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • 15 Vitamins
  • 8 Minerals
  • 5 Nucleic Acids
  • 24 Amino Acids
  • 5 Co-enzymes

This is a sterile serum developed in a leading pharmaceutical company in Spain, working with research & development with the local University.  We have worked with them from our years of experience working with other products, to provide a game-changing serum to use on your clients for the best chance of healing their scars or stretch marks.

What are the benefits of this stretch mark and scar repair serum?

This serum means the skin will heal better when being treated, compared to when not using it, since we are adding nutrition for the skin to use.  The ingredients will be absorbed by the skin and used to heal by creating collagen and elastin, from the amino acids / vitamins etc.  This results in tighter, smoother, and more radiant skin.  When used correctly with professional mesotherapy treatments (Inkless stretch mark revision ISR, MCA inkless needling, Microneedling etc), stretch marks and scars can be smoothed and shrunk, as well as stimulating natural melanin pigment to come back in the traumatised skin.

Depending on the client’s skin type, healing time can be accelerated using our serum from any where from 2-4 weeks.

Just have a look at our before and after photos to see our results over the years!

Another benefit, is that this serum can be mixed with other serums during treatment, such as pure hyaluronic serum, if you want to add extra ingredients.  Please ensure any other serum you are using is suitable for mesotherapy treatments.

As this serum is water based, it can also be used as a dilution agent with other stretch mark and scar treatments using ink.

INKLESS serum for scars and srretch marks dry tattooing
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